Our Journey

Our Club has a history of making major changes to our soccer community. As El Paso’s premier soccer club, we have a commitment to helping players and coaches develop and achieve their goals.

We started off as a young girls’ team passionate about learning how to play the game. After only one season the development of the team sparked an interest that would bring siblings together to form an additional team.  Our foundation and philosophy of development before the win was created. Our commitment to long term development and a growth mindset advanced our growth from 2 teams to 7 in just one year.

As a recreational program we noticed a significant difference in our performance and the need to challenge our players at a new level of competition. We quickly learned the El Paso mentality of club soccer, and we started our journey. It was through our failures and with some humility that we strengthened our core and focused on a much bigger objective, changing the culture.

The win at all cost mentality became our primary competition. We took it head on. Developing our players in an environment that measured success by the wins. We brought together like-minded coaches and analyzed the environments we placed our players in.  From there we developed our W.I.N.S. mindset and adopted “becoming is better than being” as our motto. We continued our journey by placing our homegrown teams on top of multiple age brackets and challenged our players to guest play outside of the city with Clubs that offered ECNL and DA opportunities. As a young Club now committed to fixing years of misused time and geared towards providing the best possible opportunities to help our player achieve new heights, we were ready to make an impact.

As a growing club, we wanted to make sure to do as much as we could for our members. Which brought us to what would be the best decision our club would make. The opportunity to join the most prestigious soccer club in the whole country.  San Diego Surf Soccer Club is known for developing highly competitive and completely well-rounded players and coaches. What could be better than to join them and bring our players, coaches and community the best of the best. Surf would fill the missing piece in becoming a premier soccer club for El Paso. After several months of communicating with Surf Cup Sports, they confidently welcomed us as their first Texas affiliate in Surf Nation.  We were recognized by Surf in our first year and given the “Surf Mission Award” for our constant pursuit of providing the best opportunities and experiences for our players and for our community. We are El Paso Surf!

Mission Statement

The mission of the El Paso Surf Soccer Club is to create the ‘Best of the Best’ experiences and opportunities for youth soccer players through our clubs, events and facilities.

Core Values






Executive Staff

David Lopez
Executive Director

Heather Borrego
Director of Operations

Ramon Martinez
Sporting Director